First & foremost I have recently released a new mixtape "Digital Anarchy Mixtape Vol II" containing 16 new tracks. One was released on the TRIFINITY Compilation that was curated by Mt. Analogue, Yheti, & Toadface on Toortous. A second track "GNAWMY" was released to celebrate breaking 600 likes-follows on Facebook, and also celebrating my recent alliance with Toortous. Curating this entire volume of work has been a task. But I am happy to share it with you all.

Secondly on May 05th, 2017 Toortous will be releasing my sophomore effort "Binary Reflection" containing 8/16 tracks off the "Digital Anarchy Mixtape Vol II". This entire effort was mixed, and mastered by Kristopher Blazer of The Gem City Riot (TGCR). The artwork was helmed by Alex Buchanan.


I have had a slew of great shows this year but am seeking to play out of town, & out of state. If you like what I do, and have the proper equipment to execute a quality live setting for subsonic bassmusic then please contact me at booking@darkomusic.com.


Lots more news coming soon. I am very excited for the future. Thank you all for the support thus far. Keep thinking forward, and supporting original authentic music.







PS: I also recently did an interview for the first Toortous Podcast including showcasing 2 tunes off the new album.

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