I have been hard at work already creating the next volume of material to release late winter - early next year. I plan on currating a complete album ranging from 10-12 tracks. I have made - released two remixes from Mt. Analogue, & Matter. You are able to check them out, and download them below. They came out very nice, and am very excited to play them out live soon incorporating the homies remixes.

Toortous has released my latest effort "Binary Reflection", and a complete remix album of the entire volume of work titled "Binary Remixed Reflections". I could not be more proud of the artists involved with making the remix release happen. Please check out both on the Sonic Evidence page.

My next live performance will be on 10.14.17 in Indianapolis, IN.

@ The Mousetrap w/ Yheti, DMVU, Toadface, Indigo Child, & Derz. I am very excited to play my first show with the homie Yheti, and my first with a huge inspiration such DMVU.


Big love to Collage Artist & Entertainment for having me back after having me open for the almighty EPROM.


This show is going to be very epic with out a single doubt, and I couldn't be more excited.

Thanks to everyone for there support, and I will have a webstore up soon containing shirts, stickers, & pins.


Big love,



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