DARKO is Darrell J. Gilbert Jr, an electronic bassmusic producer hailing from the Midwest of North America in Dayton, OH, who is currently about to release on Toortous his sophomore effort "Binary Reflection" on May 05th, 2017. DARKO has been curating this volume of music since releasing his first EP "Ciphering Signal," which was put out on Epoxe Records in the summer of 2016. Now DARKO has grown into more of his own unique, abrasive, experimental, and innovative musical style; from which has been coined the term "Doomstep:" a subgenre focusing on the 122bpm - 100bpm spectrum of tempos that he has found his home in electronic bassmusic. DARKO has played with a slew of talented visionary bassmusic artists such as Eprom, Sayer, Toadface, Matter, The Gem City Riot, Mt. Analogue, Bib Wingus, Die-Verse, Tetra, AB-Life, Sather Bass, Fractalstein, & TSRX. This year is looking bright for the DARKO project as a whole, and it doesn't plan on slowing down on creating even more unique live experiences.

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